2022 Palomino Splash Filly



Headed to Iowa

2022 Palomino Splash Filly with 2 blue eyes. Born May 18, 2022.

Queenie is NOT able to be registered with AQHA. Her dam is currently being registered with the American Quarter Horse Half Registry (AqHR) and will be dna verified. Once her dam has her papers, Queenie will be eligible for AqHR registration as well.

Queenie's dam is sired by NRHA champion Brennas Golden Dunit, LTE $39,602 and out of AqHR mare, Color Me Upset, who is foundation/running bred. And is sired by our Cremello gray splash AHQA stalllion, Laughing Sun Joaker.

This filly should make a great all around prospect.


  • 5 panel N/N

  • LWO N/N

  • IMM N/N

  • Should mature to 14/14.2HH

  • Color Results based on parents - e/e A/_ n/Cr n/sw1

The Animal Genetics 5 panel and IMM test results are for Queenie's maternal grandmother, Lena who is registed with AqHR as Color Me Upset, the tests were done in 2018 before we registered her with the Half Registry in 2022. The name of the sire is incorrect on the GTR because there was a mix up of information at some point before we owned her.  When we registered Lena with AqHR we had her DNA verified and on allbreed the correct sire is listed as well as on her certificate from AqHR. Because we had Lena tested and all of her results were negative we did not test Queenie's dam as she is clean via parentage which also makes Queenie clean via parentage.

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