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Frosted Dapper Dan

2022 AQHA Gray Palomino Roan Stallion
Laughing Sun Joaker x Blue Oklahoma Star

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Genetic Results:

MH - N/N
IMM - Not Tested
LWO - Not Tested

Color Results:


WYO Bunny Bluebonnet.jpg

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"Dan" is an AQHA Appendix palomino roan gray stud colt foaled May 17, 2022. He is by our stallion AQHA Laughing Sun Joaker and out of our mare Blue Oklahoma Star.

Dan's sire carries a copy of gray so we have tested Dan through Animal Genetics and he does carry one copy of the gray gene (G/g).

Dan's sire is 5 panel N/N and this can be verified through AQHA's website or by contacting them directly. His sire was also tested N/N for IMM and LWO through Animal Genetics. His dam is 4 panel N/N and carries one copy of PSSM1 (n/p1). We have tested Dan through Animal Genetics and his results are N/N for Pssm1. This will make Dan 5 panel N/N through parentage. His dam has not been tested for IMM or LWO.

He should mature to 14.1/14.2HH.

Color Results explanation:
Dan's color results are based on color results of his parents. Dan is a Palomino Roan who has gone Gray. His Extension is e/e which means that his base is red (sorrel). His Agouti is A/_, he gets one A from his sire, and his second is unknown without testing as his dam is A/a. with Dan’s sire being a double dilute he has one copy of cream (n/Cr) which makes his red base plus a cream a palomino. He also carries one (1) copy of the Gray (G/g) gene as well as one (1) copy of roan (n/Rn).

His sale ad photo was taken on 05/23/2023. For more recent and old photos check out his photo album on our facebook page.

Please contact us if you would like any additional information.

For more pictures and video, click on the social media links at the bottom of our website.

Frosted Dapper Dan




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