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For Sale - $3,500.00

Thomas is a 18 year old GRADE AQHA gelding, stands about 14.3/15hh. He is a been there done that horse. He’s done all kinds of ranch work; roping/doctoring yearlings, cows, bulls, brandings, etc. He crosses water and pretty much anything else. Previous owners’ kids have used him in playdays. He’s soft in the mouth and smooth as can be. Stands tied and good for the farrier.


I bought him to use as my personal horse but life has gotten in the way and I just don’t have the time I thought I would to ride. He’s too good of a horse to let sit. The last 2 summers we have had friends of our borrow him as their "Go To" horse. He is a very easy keeper, gets fat on air. Would be suited best for a step up/intermediate rider.

Before purchasing him I did see his AQHA papers but they were lost by the previous owners while I was doing a 30 day trial with him. His papers did include Frosty Feature. We have gone through every possible route to get a copy of his papers so he wouldn't have to be sold as grade but unfortunately we were not able to, so he sells as GRADE. If I ever do get his papers I would be happy to send them to the new owner. I just wanted to let potential buyers know that his age is correct and not a guess.

Please contact us if you would like any additional information.

2003 Grey Gelding