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Diamond KT Performance Horses

Our Ranch

Producing Quality, All-Around Horses

Since 2015

Diamond KT Performance Horses is a small business located in the Black Hills of South Dakota owned by Devon & Kaylyn Trent.


It has always been a dream of Kaylyn's to start her own breeding program to produce quality, all around quarter horses you could ranch on all day and rodeo on at night. When we married in 2015, with my husband's support I began working towards making my dream a reality!


Together with my husband, we are working hard to bring you quality horses ready to excel in any direction.


Our Story

Family Owned Business

Diamond KT Performance Horses is located in the Black Hills of South Dakota owned by Devon & Kaylyn Trent.


I, Kaylyn, was born and raised in the city. I grew up in the Twin Cities of Minnesota but I was always a country girl at heart. As a young kid I collected horse figurines and in middle school had a neighbor move in next door who owned a horse. Every once in a while, she would take me out to go riding with her. Her horse was a palomino named Sierra, and she rode English. I was always so excited the night before we went riding, I could hardly sleep. Those times going riding with her are one of my happiest childhood memories and she was a great riding instructor, teaching me balance and the importance of light hands. Something that to this day I still get complimented on!


One thing all my childhood, city friends, would tell you is that they hated going to the The Great Minnesota Get-Together, also known as the Minnesota State Fair, because I always wanted to spend my time in the animal barns and watching horse shows or rodeos. I also loved attending the Minnesota Horse Expo every year. I worked in the farm department at Mills Fleet Farm while attending college. I became their equine expert and was so good at it they had me attend the MN State Fair and the MN Horse Expo, something that only full-time employees who had been there a long time were allowed to do, I was only part time and had only been there 6 months!


As I got older, I became more passionate about horses, doing more in-depth research. I've ridden quarter horses, thoroughbreds and paints. The more I learned about horses the more I wanted to breed my own. I wanted to breed something that would not only hold up to hard work but that would also have a great disposition, sound mind and was easily trainable. Being someone who lived their whole life in the city, this dream was something I was sure would always be a dream and then I met my husband, Devon.

While Devon's passion is not horses, he does a great job supporting me in my passion and he's definitely learned so much more since meeting me. When we first met he talked about his passion which is also ranching and farming. Love what you do and you'll never work a day in your life right?! As a city girl I had plenty of questions! We talked about a lot but one big thing was about quality, genetics, longevity, disposition, a lot of things that you also look at when breeding quality horses. Devon is a 5th generation rancher and farmer; his family has been raising cattle and growing wheat for over 100 years. So, he's had some experience and some stories about working cattle on horseback!

Before we got married, I had told him about my dreams and he told me about his. Together we are working to achieve both our dreams!

If you're reading this husband, thank you so much for all of your support and all of your encouragement. I love you so much and I couldn't do this without you!

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